Important Shipping Dates

Image stating to order now for prime $5 shipping!

The holidays are right around the corner and I’m offering $5 first-class shipping throughout the United States via USPS.

I will not be participating in markets or fairs this year and right now is great time to order your holiday cards online as I’m well stocked on holiday sets and singles and it makes life a little easier to have cards at hand to write a few each day as the holiday season progresses.

Eyeing Orange Twist baby rompers for the little ones? Now is the time to order for the best size and design selection. Like so many other businesses, the pandemic has altered our supply chain and our inventory quantities aren’t as robust as pre-pandemic.

Place your orders by Tuesday, December 16 to ensure that they will arrive before December 25, 2021 and thank you so much for including us in your festivities and celebrations!

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